In celebration of the New Year, I wanted to begin something new myself.  While I love connecting with my community through my newsletter, I wanted something a little simpler and more regular that I could create without invading people’s inboxes too frequently.  So came the idea for a blog.  And because I am committed to helping people connect to themselves, each other and the world in more satisfying ways, I wanted to explore those ideas that I keep at the heart of my practice:  purpose, passion and pleasure.  It is a sense of purpose that I am devoted to helping people find for themselves - the direction, the course correction, the harnessing of creative forces, the expression.  It is the passion I love witnessing as people find what they have been missing in their lives, truly engaging with life in a different way.  It is the pleasure that I see people enjoying as they learn to live more in the moment, as they choose to live rather than escape life through anaesthetics, as they learn to let go of other people’s or institutions’ prescriptions for a “right life.”  I am so grateful to do the work that I do and to know the people that I do.  There is no better time than the New Year to take stock and begin a new way of engaging with the world myself.  And so I invite you to engage with me too.  Happy New Year.